Mary Roggenstein

Murphy Logan

We feel so fortunate that we found Jeanine at Alp Angel Bergamasco. We had been trying to find a dog for our family for a few years and for different reasons, our arrangements fell through. We have a son, Sean, with special needs, so we had certain characteristics that we needed for our pet. When we read about Bergamascos, we knew this was the right breed for us. And, it has worked out better than we could have hoped. Jeanine really listened to us and picked the perfect pup from the litter for our family. She has been available for questions and offers timely advice on the breed. Murphy Logan has such a sweet personality. He is so smart! He seemed to know instinctively that he had to be gentler with Sean. He was very patient, and waited for Sean to warm up to him. And now, they are “bros”, as Sean likes to say. Our other two kids just love Murphy Logan. They take study breaks just to pet him. They look forward to coming home and getting Murphy’s excited greeting! Murphy Logan is a wonderful addition to our family.