Alp Angel Bergamascos Video Library

Caring for your Bergamasco's Coat

This video shows details on grooming the flocked coat of your Bergamasco sheepdog. Attention is paid to problem areas such as the face, ears, legs and tail.

Amira x Cosimo Puppies

Our "F" litter puppies playing.

Pet Talk: Bergamasco!

Feature about Bergamascos on News 12 CT Cablevision with Lauren Collier. This is an interview with Jeanine Prestigiacomo and Cheryl Simcox featuring Alp Angels' Bedros Dell'Albera, Pindaro Dell'Albera, and Greer Dell'Albera.

Bergamascos at Open Space

Amira, Faggia and Lothario running around in Middlefield's open space.

Bergamasco Herding

This is a video of our herding lesson at Nutmeg Farm in Portland, CT.